May 4th Avenue - Santiago Mariño
May 4th avenue, and Santiago Mariño, are surrounded by a network of shops that offer everything from elegant or casual clothes, to sporting goods, cheeses, perfumes and appliances.
Conejeros Market
Is a popular place that offers local food, and it also has stores that sell more economical, where you can find a great variety of merchandise, both national and imported, at very convenient prices. 
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For reservations send request to:
(58 + 295) 400-4030 thru 35
(58 + 295) 400-4061

Working Hours:
Mon thru Frid 9 am - 5 pm

Fax (58 + 295) 400-4097
Or contact your travel agent.

Administradora Lagunamar, C.A.
RIF: J-06506694-6
RTN: 8704